And We Spin Madly On

by Heather on March 30, 2012

That’s madly in the crazy, spectacular, fascinating sense, we’re not angry, not by any means.

How are we spinning madly? Or more importantly how are you?

You have clicked, tapped, or shaken to spin 878,000 times (I rounded, but by the time I finish this post, we’ll be there.)

96% of those spins have come from the Android App.

What 3 Android devices top the list?

  1. Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
  2. HTC Evo 4G
  3. Samsung Galaxy S

I find this fascinating, I’ve got a Droid Bionic and those don’t even show up on the list until #75. Apple iPhone and iPad users beat that out and we haven’t even released our iOS app. We are working on it, I promise. Although iPad users, you may find the web app works quite well.

We have Spinners on every continent except Antarctica, but I suppose that 4g coverage is hard to find down there. They’re still on Edge.

I look at the world map of visitors and I’m blown away, countries I only vaguely remember from Geography show visits, hello Belarus, Latvia, and Estonia! I hope Google Translate is writing something close to what I’m actually saying.

Of course most of our Spinners are from the US and UK representing right around 93% of spins.

Surprisingly, Chicago is our number one US city beating out San Francisco and Dallas with Atlanta and Charlotte representing the South sneaking in at #8 and #10 respectively.

Side note to my fellow Charlestonians, “Ahem. Where are you?”

Most of you are late evening Spinners with usage peaking at midnight (Eastern) and once the night owls head to bed, the early birds start picking things up around 7am but not getting into the actual groove until lunch time.

When and where do YOU spin?

During conference calls?

Waiting in line?

Sitting in the pick-up lane at your kids’ school?

While waiting for the the server (whether the computer or the food delivering kind)?

Lying in bed waiting on the sandman?

Whenever and wherever you do it, spin on!

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