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Welcome to SpinPicks Beta

Do you see people sharing funny photos or interesting links on Facebook? Think about how many times per day you check your social networks out of desire to see something new. Have you ever re-shared that content and felt the connection when people liked, commented, re-whatever your post? SpinPicks distills that curation and entertainment experience in a simple, unified interface by drawing from numerous sources and connecting to your social networks. You can see and share more content without the visual overload.

SpinPicks is a new application that brings you highly addictive one-click discovery of eye candy from a variety of visual platforms. SpinPicks filters content and doesn't pull spins from sites like,, and other image search sites to help reduce the number of improperly attributed images, which helps ensure you're only seeing quality content that can be re-shared.

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If you'd like to spin now, you can play with the latest and greatest Beta Web App. Watch your step! We're constantly updating and working on the code and user interface

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