Ch-Ch-Changes, New and Exciting Developments at SpinPicks

by Heather on May 3, 2012

We’re on the new server! Hurray! This is fabulous news, you see, when we first started building SpinPicks, we had no idea how quickly we would grow and how quickly that we would max out and strain our old server.

Paul has been working to switch us over from PHP to Ruby based code for our new home in the cloud. We’re now scalable and ready for all the traffic and spinning you can possibly throw our way. We also are now using a secure connection for your spinning safety. Please keep your hands and feet inside the app until we come to a complete stop.

Who am I kidding? There’s no stopping this ride.

With the switch to the new server, you’ll notice that we are abandoning the secret login. You now create your very own SpinPicks account at

What will user accounts allow us to do?

Having SpinPicks accounts will allow us to create a better experience for you as we continue to add features, like ratings, which are coming soon. (Having ratings will allow us to do some REALLY cool things in the future, things that make my little geek brain go, “SQUEE!”)

In addition to user accounts, we’re working to add as many platforms as we can.

As of last night, we’ve added 500px and brand new YouTube categories for your spinning pleasure. 500px is a beautiful photography site and I can’t stop hitting spin in the Editor’s Choice category. (Actually I just have the auto-spin running on my second monitor, which totally messes with my concentration, but OH THE PRETTY!)  Which reminds me, we are now adding multiple categories under the new services.

Later today we are hoping to be able to spin your Facebook news feed. How cool will that be? Hang on and find out.

Finally, don’t worry, we are working as hard as we can to restore access to Pinterest.

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