Instagram Lands in Google Play and We’re Stoked

by Heather on April 3, 2012

Instagram has been a hugely popular iOS app since 2010 and I admit to being a little envious of my iPhone toting pals. Well some of you do go a little crazy with the filters, but that could have just be envy talking. After admitting that, I bet you are wondering why are we excited about Instagram finally arriving for Android?

Well, I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite categories to spin is Instagram. Now there will thousands upon thousands of new Instagram users -and yes, I’m one- uploading more eye candy for us to deliver via the SpinPicks App.

Know what’s fun, at least for me?  Log into the SpinPicks Web App and set auto-spin to go on my second monitor. It’s a chance to just sit back and bathe in the pretty. Those of you with iPads may find the web app the way to go until we are ready to release on iOS later this month.

And don’t forget we have that awesome little history bar, if you weren’t quite quick enough on the repin draw.

H/T Huffington Post




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