Pinterest’s API is Still Down, But There’s Still Fun to Be Had

by Heather on March 7, 2012

So our hope was for Pinterest to get its API straightened out and in order yesterday sometime around noon EDT. Unfortunately this has not happened.

For those that don’t speak developer / geek / nerd whatever. The API is just how people like Paul and I can take public information provided by Pinterest and use it to create cool toys. Many platforms like Twitter and (ostensibly) Pinterest like to have a public API as it can give creative people ways to make their product more interesting.

We’re not quite sure why the API isn’t currently available. . .

But, here at Spinterest we don’t sit around and wait for other people; we’re far too impatient for that. We’ve been figuring out all kinds of new features to share with you. For instance, we’ve added a category for Flickr’s Creative Commons (because we do care about copyright) to the selection.

Next up TwitPic, thanks @noaheverett remind me to buy you a beer or something next time I run into you.

You should see the list of  to-dos I have for Paul whenever he gets home from the “important” things he had to do today.

We want to hear your requests.

Want to get crazy?

I’m betting some of you (Amy Tucker *ahem*) would kill for a category of nothing but animated gifs*. I’ve put in the request, if it doesn’t make Paul’s head explode, we’re going to have some fun. Pinning from this category may not be supported as a still of a gif isn’t exactly as fun as the full-on animated gif experience. Time will tell.

*There will never be enough dancing cats on teh Interwebz.

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