Alert the Press, SpinPicks is Here

by Heather on March 14, 2012

It is a good day here in the SpinPicks World Headquarters.

We are back in Google Play!

What have we changed?

You mean aside from our name and branding?

Just a few things that will make SpinPicks even more addicting. (Sorry Amy, you’ll never get anything done again)

You no longer have to be logged into Pinterest to use SpinPicks. Keep in mind that you won’t get the full functionality if you are not signed in. For example, you can’t repin or like to your Pinterest account, but this keeps the App usable if the Pinterest Rate Limit becomes a temporary issue.

We got rid of a few bugs that were causing random crashes and Paul worked out a way to make sure we won’t constantly be running into that Pinterest Rate Limit I keep mentioning.

Don’t forget SpinPicks is not just a Pinterest App, we also spin images from:

  • TwitPic
  • Instagram
  • Flickr (CC-licensed)
  • Reddit: r/Pics
  • PicPlz

Check us out, we have two versions for your spinning pleasure:

SpinPicks Free - this is ad supported, which means -wait for it- you will see ads.
Some people will still be surprised by this.

SpinPicks Premium $1.99 - no ads and you get additional features: Send a spin via email or Follow the Pinterest user -if you are logged into Pinterest.

Look at all these goodies:

Pretty cool, huh?

Try it out, rate the app, tell your friends, but most importantly?

Spin on!

Yes, iOS is next on our list, keep your pants on. 🙂

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