One Million Spins in Fewer than 30 Days. . . Wow!

by Heather on April 2, 2012

SpinPicks has had a crazy few weeks.

February 8 I sent Paul an article from Business Insider to touch base and see if he was interested in working with me on this project.

A few days later the Spinterest Web App was live and being tested by close friends.

March 4th Spinterest was released in what is now Google Play. I was in San Francisco on business, but took a side trip to Petaluma to catch an episode of TWiT and while there demonstrated the app to Leo Laporte and Eileen Rivera, both of whom seemed to like the concept. This warmed my little geek heart.

One week and over 10,000 downloads later the Spinterest App was suspended for unclear reasons. Paul and I talked it over and decided it could possibly be a trademark issue, so we rebranded and shifted our focus a bit to include even more visual platform goodness. Three days later we had completely rebranded as SpinPicks and were back in Google Play.

Last Wednesday we received a notification from Google stating that after “further review” the Spinterest App was no longer suspended. Well that’s nice, but we’re now SpinPicks, Inc and it’s a bit late to go back. Cool.

Love Rollercoaster” on the mental jukebox anyone?

We’ve gone through API rate limits, server outages, cross-country trips, incorporating, conference calls, and a whole lot of mild language.

We are blown away.

You have Tapped to Spin, Clicked to Spin,  Auto-spinned, and Shaken to Spin well over a million times and we haven’t even been in the market a full 30 days.

I know, I know, what about the iOS market? Before we get there, we’re working as fast as we can to beef up our back end (TWSS, heh). It’s a good problem to have.

Spin on!

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