Round and Round We Go: What’s Happening at SpinPicks

by Heather on March 26, 2012

The bad news:

Our hosting platform had a three hour server outage on Friday. Yikes!

The good news:

We’re getting ready to transition to a different (and much better) hosting platform to ensure we don’t have these problems in the future.

Paul is hanging out on the West Coast this week, okay fine, he’s actually out there for business, but I digress. In every spare moment he’s working on that iOS app and making sure the SpinPicks transition to the new host is a smooth one.

More good news:

SpinPicks is now available in the Amazon App Store and as soon as they approve the latest version, it will be available for the Kindle Fire. On Amazon we’re only offering the SpinPicks Premium version which allows SpinPicks users to email pins and follow other Pinterest users from within the app.

And finally, the best news:

Total Spins so far?


Highest number of spins in a single day?



Spin on!


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